ABI HAIDAR Motors is one of the few companies in the Middle East
who give its customers a 200 hours complete warranty on its gensets


We take care in only sourcing the highest quality low hour equipment
we can find. For this reason, most of our generators look great and
we do not paint units all that often. However, there are times when
customers request it and we are more than happy to provide this service


If you can think it up we can help you build it with numerous skilled
fabricators on staff.We have customized silencers, enclosures, and
more to meet unique requirements

Control Panel Installations & Upgrades:

For times when customers require a certain type of more advanced
generator controregulators that come with the genset package. On
older units, this is a part that sometimes goes bad or needs to be
swapped out to meet unique requirements. We work with many
brands worldwide, like the Deep Sea Electronics, Comap …

Renting Gensets:

Customers can have a renting service in ABI HAIDAR Motors;
we have many brands and sizes of gensets they want for rent.
They can choose the period of rent they want with flexible dates
and flexible prices

Repairing and Maintaining:

Engine repair and maintenance is one of the core services of ABI HAIDAR MOTORS.
Skilled engineers and mechanics with OEM, power station and experience know where
to look and where to start trouble-shooting any engine. With deep technical and
engineering skills, we are able to quickly analyze requirements and get down to
completing the job. Book an appointment now.